建機・重機屋外作業車では防水カメラは勿論、防水モニターがあると便利です。 ワイヤレスだからモニター、カメラ間のケーブルは必要ありません。設置も簡単です。 様々なリクエストに応えワイヤレス防水シリーズをご用意しました。世界標準の7インチモニターやバッテリー内蔵式カメラ、フォークリフトカメラもマグネットで簡単取付ですぐにお使いになれます。

For construction machinery and heavy machinery outdoor work platforms, it is convenient to have a waterproof monitor as well as a waterproof camera.
Since it is wireless, there is no need for a cable between the monitor and camera. Easy to install.We have prepared a wireless waterproof series in response to various requests.
World standard 7-inch monitor, built-in battery camera, forklift camera. It is easy to install with a magnet and can be used immediately.



360 monitoring system that can be used with large construction machinery and heavy machinery. You can also analyze in the event of an accident by recording in all directions.Finally it came out. 360 system for large vehicles. Create an image with no blind spots in all directions Recording is also possible. We already have a track record in various vehicles.
As an auxiliary device for safe driving and as a data collection device for accident analysis in the unlikely event I will play an active part.



AI detects pedestrians reflected in the camera and warns the driver from the monitor.
It can be used as a safety aid to prevent oversight of danger during work. Already installed a monitor and a camera, but I can’t always look at the monitor.
In this system, AI automatically detects danger and warns you, so you are always looking at the monitor.
There is no need. It also works with the warning light, so it is possible to notify the danger outside the vehicle.



高精度レーダーシステムです。最大20m先迄検知しますので大型車に最適です。バックカメラ連動しますので警告音と映像で安全走行確認が可能です。モニターだけでは不安・・・。警告音だけでも・・・。そんなユーザー様に朗報です。モニターとレーダーの連携システムで更なる安全を確保します。 検出範囲もカスタマイズ出来るので車両に合わせた運用が可能です。事故事前防止策に是非!

It is a high-precision radar system. It detects up to 20m away, making it ideal for large vehicles.
Since it is linked with the back camera, it is possible to confirm safe driving with a warning sound and video.
You are worried about the monitor alone. Even just the warning sound … Good news for such users.
Further safety is ensured by the linked system of monitor and radar.
Since the detection range can also be customized, it can be operated according to the vehicle.
Why not consider introducing it into your accident prevention measures!